The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Frequently asked questions

What types of customers do we work with?

We specialize in offering impeccable residential cleaning services, to those in need of consistent and reliable cleaning professionals. We offer flat rates, competitive pricing, and we stand by all of our services with a complete satisfaction guarantee!

What should the customer know about our pricing?

We offer flat rate pricing based on the size of your home, type of cleaning, and frequency of cleanings scheduled. Pricing displayed is a general pricing model that suits most cleaning needs but pricing may vary based on the total square footage of the home.

How does our referral program work?

Invite a friend and earn a $10 credit for each referral that begins service.

Do we require a service contract?

There is a simple service agreement for each appointment. However, we do not require any long term contract, you are free to cancel or schedule new service any time!

What level of experience do our cleaning pro's typically possess?

Atlas Cleaning Solutions was established in 2018. Our experienced staff offers over 20 years of collective experience. On average, our cleaning experts posses 5-7 years of experience. We perform background checks on all of our employees, as well as regular drug screening to ensure we hire only the most qualified professionals.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Our process: 1. Call us or visit our website for a free quote. 2. Online inquiries will receive a same day response, usually within 5 minutes or less. 3. Receive upfront pricing with our online calculator or direct quote and get a clear understanding of the services we provide. 4. Schedule your next appointment. 5. Pay with ease online at the time of appointment, receive snapshots of finished work upon request.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

When searching for a professional cleaner we would always recommend the following: 1. Call to see if you are able to contact them directly over the phone. Speak to them, ask about pricing and services. Were they friendly? Helpful? Professional? If not, you may want to consider another provider. 2. Check out their website and other online profiles they may have. Check reviews if any. 3. Compare pricing to other competitors. Look for the best overall value based on the services provided and the overall price. 4. Look for guarantees offered if any. A good business will stand by their services. 5. After comparing all of these aspects you should be able to narrow it down and make a solid decision on who you want to hire. We'd like to make the top of your list! If you're ever in need of simple, reliable, professional cleaning services, you know who to call!

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Things to consider before looking for a quote: 1. Your budget. Know how much you have to spend on a project and get a realistic idea of the going rates in your area. 2. Research the company's website and other online profiles to get an idea of whats included in a typical service and their particular rates. These things may differ greatly from company to company. 3. What's your timeline? Know when you need your service completed to avoid upsetting delays. Communicate this upfront to be sure the provider you choose has the availability to meet your needs.

How did we get started in this industry?

After several years of working with some great, and some not so great cleaning companies, we decided to pool our collective experience to create a unique, results driven cleaning company that constantly strives to offer the highest level of quality, service, and value in the industry! We specialize in offering standard residential cleaning as well as turnover services for short term rental units. As one of the fastest growing and highest rated cleaning companies in Charlotte, it is our goal to provide you with simple, reliable, and professional cleaning services along with an unmatched customer service experience!

What is a recent project we are fond of, what was special about it?

When offering a valuable service, there's something more than time, money, or energy exchanged. We love what we do because we understand our ability as an organization to positively impact some else's life. It means a lot to us when a customer takes the time to leave a review, however, during a recent project we were truly moved by what one of clients had to say about their experience. It was a tough job, but it only took a few hours to make a HUGE difference in someone else's life for the better, including ourselves! The review read as follows: "Oh my goodness, I can't overstate how big of a win working with Atlas was for us. My parent's house, that we're packing to sell, was an absolute disaster of clutter and filth, and Atlas handled it like a BOSS. They stepped up BIG TIME, and got the place in good enough condition that we're able to pack and get it flipped. Most cleaners would have refused the job, flat out, but Atlas stuck with us and knocked out the job even though it was horrible. We recommend them more highly than is possible in just a thumbtack review. 6 stars!" - Chris M. We responded with the following: "Chris, Thank you for this amazing and detailed response! This was a tough job, but we cannot speak highly enough of our experience with yourself and family. It is reviews like this that help give an insight of our company that transcends the standard review. We cannot express how much we appreciate you taking the time to go above and beyond and leave multiple reviews. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated! We are glad we could get the job done and help in getting the home ready. Your parents are truly blessed to have such a great son! We take pride in helping you maintain an immaculate home, and look forward to serving any future cleaning needs. It is our goal to be of the highest level of quality, service, and value! Thanks a million. Best regards, Atlas Cleaning Solutions".

Billing & Pricing

Transparent. Simple. Convenient.

Payments Accepted

All payments are processed electronically at the time of appointment. Invoices are sent via email once your appointment has been scheduled. Automatic payment is available for recurring service.

Cancellation Policy

In order to provide reliable service to our clients, we maintain a fixed weekly schedule. ​If you need to reschedule, please communicate as soon as possible​. All missed appointments and cancellations within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment window will be assessed a $50.00 late cancellation fee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide simple, reliable, and professional cleaning services. In an effort to ensure everything is done to standard initially, we perform a walk-through with all of our clients at the end of each cleaning. If you feel we missed a step, call us within 24 hours and we will work to resolve any concerns you may have. If needed we will return within 48 hours to correct any service related issue. It is our goal to provide the highest level of quality, service, and value!