How we're working to help prevent the spread of this global pandemic.

What is COVID-19?

We would like to start with a disclaimer by stating that we do NOT provide professional health or medical advice. If you feel you may be presenting signs or symptoms of COVID-19 please avoid contact with others and seek professional medical attention at your own discretion.

The official name of the Novel Coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - Coronavirus - 2). This is the virus which causes the disease that is being widely referred to as COVID-19. More information regarding this rapidly evolving situation can be found on the CDC website.

Additional information can also be found on your state's local government website. We urge everyone to remain informed through credible sources, as well as follow the state and federal recommended precautions.

How can we make a difference?

Our goal is to operate safely, professionally, and within our area of expertise to help promote a sanitary home or business environment to our clients. We do NOT guarantee the prevention of any disease by use of our cleaning services. This is NOT intended to treat or cure any existing disease.

The AMA (American Medical Association) estimates that 50% of all illnesses could be attributed to indoor air pollution. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that indoor air pollution can reach as much as 200 times the levels of outdoor air pollution. This can apply to any indoor environment, including home and business.

With that said we have launched additional services tailored to help effectively decontaminate residential and commercially occupied spaces, more specifically homes and businesses under 10,000 square feet. We are currently offering Antiviral Surface Cleaning with each service at no additional cost!

Who can benefit from this?

We believe it is vital that everyone have access to these services during this time of need, where traditional cleaning services are simply not enough.


It is our goal to help support global efforts to combat the spread of disease by implementing safe, effective, affordable Antiviral Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC, Lakeland FL and surrounding areas.


Given the current circumstances, we believe the need for these services has never been greater. This will continue to prove essential in maintaining a sanitary home and work space in the midst of pandemic struggles as well as the rest of the foreseeable future.

In addition to these services, we are taking extra measures to keep ourselves and our clients safe. We will remain compliant with the latest precautions and recommendations from the CDC and WHO to help prevent the spread of disease.

As an essential provider, we would like to thank you for your support as we continue to serve our clients with simple, reliable, professional service! We will remain informed and continue to take every measure to keep ourselves and our clients safe!

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