We offer simple, reliable, professional cleaning, serving Charlotte NC, Lakeland FL and surrounding areas.

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Certified Professional Cleaners
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  • The best value for anyone needing regular cleaning services.

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  • The best value for detailed Move-in/Move-out cleaning services.

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  • The best value for any business in need of frequent cleaning services.

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Hey neighbor!

We currently serve several homes in the greater NC and FL area and we'd like to invite you to experience the quality of our services along with a RISK FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!


Eco - friendly Cleaners
plant based formula

We use only the safest and most effective eco-friendly cleaners. A completely plant based formula specially crafted to clean, disinfect, shine, and protect anything and everything to perfection! Our amazing cleaner is safe on all surfaces, safe for your family, and smells incredible! Specifically designed to provide the highest level of quality to our clients, available exclusively with Atlas Cleaning Solutions.